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Meeting with Hugh Halter

Today Norton and I had the opportunity to meet with Hugh Halter, pastor with the Adullam church network and author of The Tangible Kingdom: Creating Incarnational Community. I knew a little bit about Adullam, primarily from reading their website (here’s a link to learn more) and talking to pastors here in Denver. Essentially Adullam is […]

Group Life Advisory Team

This week I had the opportunity to spend time with some really gifted and dedicated small groups pastors from around the country as a part of the Willow Creek Association’s Group Life Advisory Team. This was my third year getting to connect with this team, and every year has been very helpful. It is a […]

One month update

Time moves by so quickly. It’s hard to believe that we’ve already been in Denver for a month now! We arrived at the end of January, just missing the big winter storm that crippled Kentucky and much of the south and midwest (you can read more about the trip here). Unfortunately our moving company driver […]

Virtual community

As someone who started his career working in technology and now works in ministry, I am obviously fascinated at the intersection of these two worlds. Over the last several years I have been particularly fascinated to watch the rise of “virtual community” as the web has evolved into a highly interactive world that affords the […]

Not meant to be

Today we put an offer on a great house over in the Congress Park area of Denver. Unfortunately we weren’t the only ones who submitted an offer today. We worked with our agent to put together an offer this morning and found out later that there would be another offer coming in later in the […]

Our new house?

We knew when we moved to Denver that we wanted to rent for a while in order to take our time finding the right house. Kate found a great place that we could rent month-to-month right near Washington Park. The owner was keeping the house on the market so the deal was that either of […]

Building a team, building a church

When Norton, Jason, and I began dreaming of starting a church in Denver together almost a year ago, one of the things we all shared that drew us to Denver was a love of the outdoors. So when we decided to make some time to do an all-day team meeting while Jason was in town, […]