Building a team, building a church


When Norton, Jason, and I began dreaming of starting a church in Denver together almost a year ago, one of the things we all shared that drew us to Denver was a love of the outdoors. So when we decided to make some time to do an all-day team meeting while Jason was in town, it only made sense that our first meeting would be somewhere that we could take advantage of our new city.

Norton decide that it might be cool to drive just up the road to Boulder – to see the town and to do a little hiking in the Flatiron mountains outside Boulder. It was a great day. The trail was not too difficult by hiking standards (2.5 miles round trip, covering about 1200 vertical feet), but it was a great warm-up and an indicator of how out of shape I am and how much I still need to adjust to this altitude! Beyond just having a great day enjoying being outside with two great friends, it was a great time for our team. We spent about 8 hours together and were able to talk through some pretty big topics including debriefing and evaluating our first vision gathering, discussing our plans for using technology, and sharing some of the big-picture things that we dream for our new church. We came to some conclusions and made some general decisions, but more importantly, we shaped our vision together as a team. One of the great joys of this journey for us is that I’m getting to do this with two guys I like and respect so much. We don’t always agree, but I think that what we come up with together is always better than what any of us could have done individually.

If you think about it, continue to pray for us. Pray that we’ll continue to be united, and pray that God will continue to give us wisdom in the many decisions that lie before us.

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