Snow day sledding at Ruby Hill


Fifth annual neighborhood Christmas cookie delivery day

Andrew (7) and Ethan (10) did most of the work this year. Such a great family tradition!

Back to school!

First day of fourth and second grade for Ethan and Andrew!

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May in #Colorado. A snowy walk to the bus stop this morning.

Ethan & Andrew making their way down the snowy sidewalk toward our bus stop.

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Ethan at the plate

Sun setting on our 4th game of the day – 2 soccer, 2 baseball. I love spring!

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Ethan hard at work

Ethan hard at work, shoveling snow for our neighbors.

National Western Rodeo


Christmas 2013 Legos

I swear, if Lego ever goes public I’m definitely buying stock.

Skating in Skyline Park

Great afternoon of ice skating with our friends the Gilmores downtown in Skyline Park

2013 Cookie Delivery

5th straight year for this family Christmas tradition – delivering cookies to all the neighbors on our block.