May in #Colorado. A snowy walk to the bus stop this morning.

Ethan & Andrew making their way down the snowy sidewalk toward our bus stop.

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First turns


One of the most fun things about being a parent is watching your children experience new things – especially things you enjoy. It’s an opportunity to almost experience something for the first time again. We had that chance this week when we went with some friends for a short vacation up to Beaver Creek to go skiing, and we put our oldest son, Ethan, into ski school for the first time. We weren’t really sure how he would do or if he would enjoy it, but it went great. I think he’s hooked. He spent 2.5 days doing lessons in ski school, and then on Friday, the last day of skiing for this trip and for this season, Kate and I got to experience a first – doing our first ski run with our son! It was a great way to end the trip and a great etched memory for our family.

Here are a couple videos to help you share in the experience:

Here’s a video with Ethan and his class at ski school:

If you’ve ever met Ethan then you know he’s a talker. Here’s our conversation as we rode the lift on the way to do our first run together as a family:

Here are a couple videos from our first run together as a family. Forgive the shakiness – remember that Dad was snowboarding down himself: