Mac and Me – A Conscious Uncoupling, Week 1

Last week I made a change. After nearly 15 years of using a Mac as my primary everyday computer, I bought a Microsoft Surface Pro 4. I’m calling it a “trial separation” since I’m still not 100% sure it’s the right move for me, but after a lot of thought and research I felt like the time was right. Enough friends commented to my announcement on Instagram and said, “Let me know how it goes. I’m thinking of doing the same thing.” that I thought it would be helpful to share my experience. Read more


A New Ally in Moderating Screen Time – OurPact

If you’re like me you’ve read enough articles about the detrimental effects of screen time on kids to give you a sufficient amount of guilt and anxiety to last a lifetime. No fear, this is not one of those articles. Read more

My #sabbatical reflections

DSC_0271Last week I returned to work after my first ever ministry sabbatical. It was three wonderful, life-giving months, and I am thankful for every moment. When I returned, I sat down and started to write this post and quickly realized I had more to say than was appropriate for a blog post. Read more

2015-06-15 15.20.06

The practice of being fully present. #sabbatical

I realized that today is day 37 of my sabbatical, the beginning of week six – almost at the half-way point. Upon that realization, I took a few moments and thought back about these last five weeks – what I’ve experienced and what, if anything, I’ve been learning. Read more

May in #Colorado. A snowy walk to the bus stop this morning.

Ethan & Andrew making their way down the snowy sidewalk toward our bus stop.

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My Takeaways From #QNashville

QNashvilleIn 2008 I attended my first Q gathering in New York City, and since then I’ve been hooked. I’ve attended five of the eight gatherings, and it continues to be the premiere learning and networking event of my year. I even partnered with some friends back in 2012 to put on a local Q event here in Denver. Q has become more than an event I attend; it’s a movement and tribe of which I’m a part.

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The Thread of Grace

PopThe last week of my life is a blur. It began about a week ago with a text message from my mom. I was preparing to officiate the wedding of a couple from our church, and my phone buzzed, reminding me I hadn’t turned it off yet. “The doctor was just here and said dad has ‘maybe’ 24 hours left. Maybe less.” My heart froze, and I lost my breath for a moment. I managed to pull it together to finish the wedding and immediately after began scrambling to make arrangements to get from CO to TN. As I did, I reminded myself that God was in control, and that in him every step of this journey belonged precisely where it was located. Read more

Honor Your Father and Mother


My view for much of the last week

One of the great advantages of the technology-driven world we live in is that it has expanded our capacity to initiate and sustain relationships regardless of physical distance. Much has been written about the good and the bad of this, and there is definitely plenty of both. But this is our reality. There’s no getting the toothpaste back in the tube at this point. In this past week I faced a tension and a question I hadn’t wrestled with before related to this new power – how do you communicate really important personal news in a personal and appropriate way when your social and relational network has exceeded your capacity to do so well? Read more

Brief Reflections on Q LA

IMG_0262I returned home to Denver last Wednesday from the Q LA conference to the typical rush of life that greets you when you return from a conference. While I’d hoped to take some time to share some of my takeaways the busyness of life has thus far prevented it. Then I got this email from my friend Dave this morning:

How was Q? What was your big take-away?

If I only download 2 talks, what should they be? Read more

Redden Family Year-End Update

2012 was another great year for the Redden family. Lots has happened since our family update last spring and the updates about Ethan and Stephen’s trip to Guatemala. It’s not until you sit down with a friend you haven’t seen in a while or write an update like this that you realize how much happens in everyday life! Here are some of the highlights from our lives over the last few months. Read more