Not meant to be


Today we put an offer on a great house over in the Congress Park area of Denver. Unfortunately we weren’t the only ones who submitted an offer today. We worked with our agent to put together an offer this morning and found out later that there would be another offer coming in later in the day. So we scrambled and adjusted our offer to our “best price” hoping to have a better offer than the other party. Unfortunately it just wasn’t meant to be. We just found out that they went with the other offer.

While we are certainly disappointed (this was by far the best house we’ve seen yet) we have peace. First we know that we made a good offer and stayed committed to the limits we set for ourselves regarding our budget. Second, we know that God has our best interest at heart, and having done everything we could, we trust that things went the way that they were supposed to. So we keep looking for the house that will become our home in Denver. If you think about it, pray that we’d be patient and wise in the process.

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