Our new house?


We knew when we moved to Denver that we wanted to rent for a while in order to take our time finding the right house. Kate found a great place that we could rent month-to-month right near Washington Park. The owner was keeping the house on the market so the deal was that either of us could give the other 30 days notice to terminate the lease. This afforded us the opportunity to get to know the city and wait until we were ready. So, two weeks in…are we ready? Gulp.

Ready or not, we found a great house last week in the Congress Park area of Denver. The house was much more bigger than any we’d found in our price range, and moreover it has already been fully renovated. One of the things that we’ve learned over the last couple weeks is that we love the older neighborhoods and the craftsman-style houses that are here. However, some these houses date as far back as the early 1900s and are in need of some serious TLC. The great thing about the house we found is that it really needs almost no work. It is in a great intown neighborhood of Denver, a few blocks from Congress Park, a few more blocks from the Denver Botanical gardens, and just a couple blocks from one of the better elementary schools in the city.

So after a few days of thought, prayer, and seeking wisdom of people we trust, we decided to put in an offer. We’ll see where it goes from here…

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