December Update

In the day-to-day of life, time seems to move slowly – packing lunches, driving to school, going to work, driving to soccer practice, eating dinner, spending time with friends. But as 2010 comes to a close and we look back on all that’s happened, it’s hard to know where the time went this year!

This was a big year for Ethan in many ways. Starting school was perhaps the biggest change for him this year, but it is a step he has taken in stride. His outgoing personality has served him well in making friends quickly. We weren’t sure how well he would do at staying focused in class and listening, but his teachers tell us he is doing great and progressing well. It was another great sports year for Ethan – basketball, soccer, t-ball, soccer (again), and now we’re moving into ski season. It has been fun watching his skill and confidence grow this year in so many ways. It has also been a real joy to see Ethan growing spiritually as he asks questions about God and Jesus. He loves UpStreet (New Denver’s ministry for elementary-aged kids) and has learned so much this year in that environment.

Andrew grew up so much this year. We saw him move from being a toddler to a little boy over the course of this year. And while we’re grateful to be coming to the end of the “terrible three’s” (two was much easier than three for both our boys), we are a little sad that the baby years are gone. Of course getting older does have some benefits, like being able to finally play sports! Andrew played t-ball and soccer this year, and had a great time, though he probably liked the snack afterward more than the game itself. Andrew has also survived another year of pre-school against his best efforts to avoid it. He’s definitely a little more reserved than his brother and just hasn’t gotten excited about spending too much time away from mom.

For Kate and Stephen the year has been a progressive confirmation of God’s call to this place. As we’ve continued to grow in relationship with friends from our neighborhood and from New Denver Church we have steadily felt more at home. This has been a really significant year for New Denver in so many ways. Our first year was so difficult in so many ways – trying to build momentum with just a handful of relationships and connections. But as we have been faithful with the people we have met and who have been part of the church, we’ve slowly seen more begin to come. It finally feels like momentum is starting to build. It is a great start, and we look forward to seeing where God takes things from here.

As the holidays arrive, we’re really looking forward to taking some time to just enjoy time with our family and with friends. We’ve already gotten the chance to spend some time with Kate’s mom and sister and her kids when we went to ride the “Santa Train” through the Royal Gorge. It was a great time and definitely got us all in the Christmas spirit! For Christmas we’ll spend a couple days up in the mountains skiing and then be back here for Christmas. Our friend Nicole is still staying with us, and her boys will be here for Christmas as well. Our small group all pitched in to help ensure they have a great Christmas.

As we think back on our second year here in Denver the one word that comes to mind is grateful. We are so grateful for the friends we’ve made here, for the experiences we’ve enjoyed, and for how we’ve seen God work in and through our family and our church. We are also so grateful for all of you who love and care for us and who have encouraged, supported, and prayed for us. We pray God’s richest blessing on you and yours this Christmas and into the New Year.

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