August Update

DSC_0063Things just don’t seem to slow down. For some reason I always associate summer as a time of relaxation and less responsibility. That must just be an artifact in my memory from long ago, because this summer has been anything but “lazy” around the Redden household!

We continue to love our house and neighborhood, but we’re learning that when you buy an old house you commit to a lifetime of home repair projects! Stephen is not naturally a super handy guy, but he continues to learn and has tackled projects like installing a drainage ditch, battling old wiring to update light fixtures, and doing the demolition work to remove the windows and security door to open up our front porch. Kate continues making this house a home – one room at a time. We finally unpacked enough boxes that she can actually park in the garage, which we consider a victory!

In July we got to experience our first Fourth-of-July celebration in Denver, and it was a great one. Ethan participated in the local bike parade through Washington Park with his good friend Kate from across the street. They decorated their bikes and had a great time riding through the cheering crowd assembled at the park. Andrew was a little too young to participate this year, but given his growing bike obsession, there’s no doubt that he’ll be there next year.

andrewboatIn late July Kate and the boys traveled back east to spend time with her family. Every summer Kate’s family gathers at their lake house on Kerr Reservoir in North Carolina, and it is a highlight of the summer for the boys. Unfortunately Stephen was trying to flying out on a buddy pass to join them and was unable to get out of Denver. While he missed spending some time on the lake with the family, at least he got some projects done around the house (and slept in a couple days)!

When we moved to Denver, one of the things that we hoped for was that we would have the opportunity host friends and family when they visited town. We love sharing our home and the beauty of this city we now call home. The last couple months have been a great realization of that hope as we had a steady stream of guests! Members of Kate and Stephen’s extended family came through town, as well as several good friends from North Point in Atlanta and some friends from Dallas. It was great to share a little slice of our life with them and to spend some good time together. So remember, if you’re ever in Denver – give us a call, we’d love to see you! Remember, ski season is just around the corner… 😉

Ethan and Andrew continue to grow bigger every day. We were recently able to move Andrew over to Ethan’s school, St. John’s Lutheran School, just a few blocks from our house. Ethan started his pre-kindergarten class and is loving it so far. Changing schools hasn’t improved Andrews attitude much about school in general. His teachers tell us he does great…as soon as we leave. We’re so thankful to have the boys at a school they enjoy and to have them just around the corner from home. Ethan just finished tee ball season, and Stephen survived the season as team coach! We moved right out of tee ball and jumped back into soccer for the fall season with the Fusion Soccer Club. To make things a bit busier, we agreed to let Ethan sign up for flag football this fall as well. Just when Stephen thought he might get a break from coaching, the team coach asked for someone to help, and Kate graciously volunteered Stephen!

DSC_0084On top of being a mom and homemaker, Kate continues to support her clients with Ron Blue & Co. She still loves her job and the opportunity she has to help people to understand their opportunity to be good stewards of all that God has entrusted to them. Navigating the uncertain financial climate that faces us all makes her job extremely challenging right now, but the recent strength of the market has made her job at least a little easier. We are grateful that Kate still loves what she does and thankful for the financial stability that her work affords us as we work to get New Denver Church started.

IMG_1055Stephen is still staying busy – working most days for New Denver Church but also increasingly doing contract I/T work to supplement his income. While starting a church may be the hardest thing he’s ever done, it may also be the most fun and rewarding. Every day presents new and different challenges and uncertainties, but he continues to find God to be more than he needs to face them.

With every day that passes we feel a little more at home in and a bit more in love with the city of Denver. Through the good days and bad, the encouragements and the disappointments, we are more certain than ever that this is the place to which God has called us. This assurance makes the challenging days more bearable, and it definitely makes the rewarding days even sweeter. Thanks to all of you who love, follow, and pray for us. We are grateful.

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  1. Bill
    Bill says:

    Great update and pics. Thanks for keeping it coming. Really excited about all God is doing in and through you ad I hope to come out this Fall on my way to or back from Spokane. Oh yea, and I'm glad Ethan hasn't followed his father's taste in baseball teams… at least yet! Remind him the Braves are only a click away on the tv! Give everyone a hug. Also tell E that Bailey misses him.

  2. Missy Duncan Smith
    Missy Duncan Smith says:

    I love you guys!!! I'm so happy to hear that everything is going well with expanding God's Kingdom. You are often in my thoughts and prayers. Married life is fantastic!!!! I'm trying to savor every second. Learning to be an amazing step mom has it challenges, but God is so much bigger. It's comforting to know that he has us ALL in his great big hands and that he's in control!!!! Thank you again for opening up your sister's home to me during our wedding celebration. Your family is such a blessing in MANY ways!!!! May God continue to guide your every step and pave the way for God's love to be showered over Denver!!!
    I miss you, but I know you are perfectly in God's plan for your lives. It's a peaceful wonderful feeling. Isn't it?
    Love Always,


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