Drive09: Session 3

It was another great day of conversations and learning here at Drive. I missed my breakouts again this morning, because I still can’t walk five feet without running into someone that wants to have a half-hour conversation! It has been great to share stories from Denver, talk about what we’re learning on our journey, and to learn from others who are where we are. Andy’s last talk wasn’t new to me, but it is a message that every leader – inside and outside the church – needs to hear. If you want more, most of the info came from Andy’s book Visioneering which I highly recommend.

Making Vision Stick


  • Vision is a mental picture of what could be fueled by the passion of what should be.
  • Vision is what attracts talent, resources, money, and leaders.
  • Life is difficult on our vision. Success is tough because you’re tempted to do more. Failure is tough, because people doubt the vision when plans fail.

To make your vision stick:

  1. State it simply. Memorable is portable. This will mean that you won’t be able to be complete, but it’s more important to make it simple if you want it to be memorable. The perfect example is Obama’s campaign vision – everyone remembers it was about “Change.” The criticism was that it wasn’t complete, but he chose to make it memorable. The more complex your vision and the larger your audience, the simpler you have to state it. Your vision statement needs to connect to emotion.
  2. Cast it convincingly.
    • Define the problem. What would go undone if your church wasn’t there? You have to help people feel the weight of why you’re doing what you’re doing.
    • Offer a solution.
    • Explain why and why not. Position and present your vision as the solution to a problem that must be addressed immediately.
  3. Repeat it regularly.
  4. Celebrate it systematically. Anything that is rewarded is repeated.
  5. Embrace it personally. It is not enough to talk about doing things, you have to live it. You are the vision.
  • Pay attention to new projects, programs, and products – they can distract from your vision. If you want to keep your organizatoin on task and on vision, be very wary of adding new things.
  • Pay attention to staff and leaders’ prayer requests.
  • Pay attention to complaints. Some complaints you need to listen to and some you don’t. Insider-related complaints are an indication that there is a vision problem.
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